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Library opens Internet cafe

2004-04-25 10:56:31
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A crowd of about 100 students and library staff gathered Monday for the grand opening of Ralph Brown Draughon Library’s Internet cafe.
Located next to Stack’s Cafe on the library’s ground floor, the cafe is equipped with 24 Sony VAIO computers, all with wireless capabilities, and compatible outlets for the 36 laptops available for checkout.

“We hope it’s a comfortable place for students to study and work,” said Stephanie Morgan of library public relations.

“Stack’s is also really excited about it because they think it will attract more students for business,” Morgan said.

The computers will be user-friendly, especially to students already acquainted with campus computer labs.

“The computers are set up just like OIT computers and the other computers here in the library,” said Tammy Smith, a library information technician.

Familiar software programs such as Microsoft Office, AU Net and SciFinder are available on the new computers.

Mark Olis - Assistant Photo Editor
The idea for the cafe was conceived about a year ago and is one of three information technology projects in progress at the library.

“We are going to move the OIT desk to the first floor of the library within the next couple of months,” said Aaron Trehub, director of library technology.

“The decision came mostly from space issues, and we wanted to consolidate services. Since we use OIT so much, we thought it would be a good idea to base them in the library,” Trehub said.

The other project is a digital resource lab scheduled to open in fall. The lab will be located behind the future OIT desk and will begin as a multimedia workshop.

“There will be 12 high-end MacIntosh and PCs to start with,” Trehub said. “Each will be equipped with audio, visual and graphics-design software.”

Trehub said the three modifications are part of a larger vision.

“We want to make the library a place that provides people with all the services they need for research and course work,” Trehub said.

Source: The Auburn Plainsman

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