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Yahoo searches for best net café

2004-04-30 08:27:30
Cybercafe News
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Yahoo has relaunched its competition to hunt down the best internet café of the year, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the world's first net café.

The world's first-ever internet café, Cafe Cyberia in Whitfield Street, opened its doors in September 1994 and there are now around 20,000 internet cafes in 171 countries.

Yahoo first invited surfers to help find the top internet café of 2004 last year, but anyone who entered last year will receive an email redirecting them to the new contest.

According to Yahoo, 69 per cent of young British travellers claim they use email regularly to touch base with people back home, 42 per cent set up a new internet email account before leaving and over one in eight (13 per cent) take a laptop away with them.

Eva Pascoe, co-founder of Café Cyberia and a judge for the awards, said: “Internet cafes have come a long way in the last 10 years since I was involved I setting up Café Cyberia. Travellers can now email their friends for the price of a cup of coffee regardless of where they are in the world for and that is a wonderful achievement.”

Nominate a site before 31 May 2004 and your review could feature in the forthcoming Rough Guides to Internet Cafes. Other prizes include flights to a destination of your choice and digital cameras. Net cafés that have already received a nomination include La Belle Inn in Kenya and the Timbukto email cafe in Mali.

Source: Web-User UK

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